Boosting your Marketing, Sales and Pre-Sales Productivity in one easy step without magic

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Boosting your Marketing, Sales and Pre-Sales Productivity in one easy step without magic

Just like the One Ring in J.R.R.  Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, a new offering has been created to help your bring your marketing, sales and pre-sales activities even closer together and make those efforts even more powerful.

However, unlike the legendary One Ring of Tolkien’s fiction, this offering is real and has not been forged in the fires of Mt Doom, but as the result of a collaboration between DemosOnDemand, a provider of video based marketing solutions, AcXess Inc., a provider of cloud based solution demo infrastructure and yours truly, Richard Duffy, SAP Business One Product Evangelist.

The One Ring

The One Ring

You now have access to a suite of tools that allows you to provide access to a complete set of end to end demonstrations of SAP Business One, together with a marketing platform that allows you to provide individualised access to more than 10+ sessions to your prospective SAP Business One customers via the web, email or even embedded in newsletters and direct mails sent and managed via your email marketing tool of choice (such as ConstantContact, iContact and others).

….And in my best late night TV Presenter Sales Pitch I have to say……but wait! There’s More!!!


You can also embed access to a cloud based SAP Business One Demonstration system that gives your prospective customer the ability to not only see SAP Business One in action via video but also to try the solution via the web with no effort from you to build demo systems, cloud servers or any of the associated infrastructure…it’s all been done for you by our demo team from AcXess, DemosOnDemand and of course, me.

So how do you access this system and how much does it cost?

The great news is that it’s all available today, deployable in to your existing web infrastructure and already in use an tested by SAP Business One Partners all around the world in English speaking countries.

You can see it in action by visiting my Demo section on and by selecting the first demonstration video covering on overview of SAP Business One – to trial the cloud based demo system, you just need to click on the Try SAP Business One button at the bottom of the video player and the cloud system will launch.

Please be aware we currently support access via Internet Explorer 7 as your default browser  or higher and Windows 7.

Each component is available and priced separately or bundled together, so you can access just the demo videos and marketing engine from DemosOnDemand or you can also access the cloud based live demo system from AcXess but I recommend that to deliver the optimal experience for your prospective customers that you select both options and tie them together.

For more information about the pricing of the system and how it all works please join me for an OnDemand Webinar where I’ll explain and demo the entire offering, how to sign up and how you can claim the associated investment from your SAP MDF funds.

I’ll be posting the webinar on Monday May 7th for you to watch.

PS…not only will this offering provide your sales and marketing efforts with a turbo boost but if you use it correctly, you can also lower your total cost of sales for your SAP Business One engagements and reduce your pre-sales efforts – I’ll explain how in the webinar so I look forward to seeing you online.

Of course if you are already sold on the concept and you want to get moving as soon as possible please click here to contact Phil Alape from DemosOnDemand  or here to contact Tom Elowson from AcXess and they can help you get started as soon as you are ready.

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