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Cloud ERP: An Adaptable & Flexible Option For Medium-Sized Businesses

Why Cloud Based ERP’s Time Has (Finally) Come

This infographic recently published by Acumatica tells an interesting story particularly in terms of buyers intentions and their views on deploying Enterprise Resource Planning applications in the Cloud. Click on the graphic to the right to download a copy in…

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Is your Cloud ERP solution locking you in with the threat of being locked out? The right application architecture solves that issue.

One of the big concerns that people have expressed around moving to a Cloud based ERP solution is the threat of having their data held to ransom by their vendor for what ever reason or at the bare minimum, not…

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Are you being forced to play Enterprise twister to get the solution you want?

Exercising the Power of Choice –Provisioning , Platforms, and Pricing

In a blog post earlier this week, Dennis Howlett of diginomica wrote about the changes that he is seeing at vendors such as Microsoft who seem to be moving towards a more open embrace of products and platforms other than…

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Learning about Cloud and ERP Technologies – your one stop shop is on the way

Whether its running on your server, a server hosted in a data center or running in full SaaS (Software as a Service) mode via the cloud, the fundamentals of ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning are the same. But then add…

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Building the next generation of eLearning for ERP software

If theres one thing that my experience has taught me its that people buy from people, learning is best done face to face and theres nothing better than having an opportunity to ask questions one to one in a training…

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The 4xP Platform and the importance of Partners in any successful ERP venture


It seems that everyone has an idea on what it takes to be successful these days with cloud, cloud technologies and ERP software. My area of expertise (after 25+ years) is working with small and midsize businesses, Enterprise Resource Planning…

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