The Top 3 Skills you need to succeed in ERP Sales and hear YES more often when asking for commitment

There’s a couple, in fact , three key skills that I believe every sales person needs to master in order to truly become successful in the world of Enterprise Resource Planning software sales. Of course there are multiple skills you need to have but I have picked the following three because over the last 20 [...]

Discovery Tools with compliments of Bob Riefstahl and the 2Win Global team

Discovery is the key to an effective demonstration After my blog post on the importance of doing an effective discovery when preparing for a sales engagement a number of people reached out to me asking if I could provide an example of the preparation checklist I was referring to. Good news! Bob Riefstahl, [...]

By | 2016-11-01T02:06:55+00:00 February 24th, 2014|Cloud ERP, Pre-Sales, Sales|0 Comments

The 4xP Platform and the importance of Partners in any successful ERP venture

It seems that everyone has an idea on what it takes to be successful these days with cloud, cloud technologies and ERP software. My area of expertise (after 25+ years) is working with small and midsize businesses, Enterprise Resource Planning software (or business management or accounting software, if you prefer) and working both as a [...]

By | 2016-11-01T02:07:42+00:00 February 17th, 2014|Development, ERP, Opinion, Partner Enablement, Sales|1 Comment

The Long and Short of Video in the sales and marketing process

A hot topic of late in many of my discussions including an earlier conversation with the partner management and enablement team at SAP Italy as well colleagues in the Solution Marketing team in SAP Global Marketing has been around how long should a product demo or marketing video be. Traditional wisdom says that no more [...]

By | 2016-11-01T02:12:18+00:00 August 3rd, 2011|Customer, Demonstrations, ERP, Marketing, Sales, SAP Partner, Social Media|2 Comments

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