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Cloud, Customers and Capabilities – The case for SAP Business One Cloud

My first computer was a Commodore SX-64 back in 1984 that I purchased to play games….and shortly thereafter when I started my own contracting business in the building industry I started using it to produce proposals and bills of materials (which by the way won me  a lot of work as none of my competitors [...]

Upload Your Database to my HANA Server or OnDemand Demo Server

If you need to upload your database to me to be loaded on to either my HANA Demo Server or the SAP Business OnDemand Demo Server the process is simple. The first step of course is to arrange the access with me. Then in the sidebar of this page you'll see a link that says [...]

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Getting even more of what your business needs with SAP Business One OnDemand industry solutions

Whilst many of the SAAS and cloud players are still talking about building frameworks to allow extensibility of their solutions,I am pleased to say that with SAP Business One OnDemand that extensibility is available today and is being used by Software Solution Partners (SSP's) to build complementary solutions for SAP's cloud based solution for small Businesses. [...]

SAP Business One OnDemand – A Partner Quick Start Marketing Guide

Now that SAP Business One OnDemand Pricing has been announced and the first group of hosting partners have been signed up and are getting enabled, the next  question from SAP Business One partners is how do I get up and running and quickly win my first SAP Business One OnDemand customers? So with [...]

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Boosting your Marketing, Sales and Pre-Sales Productivity in one easy step without magic

Just like the One Ring in J.R.R.  Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, a new offering has been created to help your bring your marketing, sales and pre-sales activities even closer together and make those efforts even more powerful. However, unlike the legendary One Ring of Tolkien’s fiction, this offering is real and has not [...]

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