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Cloud, Customers and Capabilities – The case for SAP Business One Cloud

My first computer was a Commodore SX-64 back in 1984 that I purchased to play games….and shortly thereafter when I started my own contracting business in the building industry I started using it to produce proposals and bills of materials (which by the way won me  a lot of work as none of my competitors [...]

SAP Business One Analytics – more than just fulfiling your need for speed

SAP Business One Analytics powered by SAP HANA delivers more than just raw speed Everyone remembers the iconic quote from Tony Scott's iconic 80's film Top Gun, that rocketed Tom Cruise to stardom when Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Goose (Anthony Edwards) high five each other and say those words "I feel the need...the need...for SPEED!" [...]

The Right Time for Business Planning: A Guest Post from Tim Berry

A Quick note from Richard Duffy: It is a real pleasure for me to have Tim Berry write this guest post for the site - Tim is one of the most respected subject matter experts on Business Planning and you can learn more about Tim and his background at I have been a fan [...]

New marketing campaign and video marketing tools for SAP Business One partners

On a recent vist to the USA to run SAP Partner Marketing Catalyst workshops in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, I spent 2 days at the studios of Demos On Demand in San Francisco recording 14 new SAP Business One demonstrations using Version 8.81. The idea behind these is to give a complete demonstration of the [...]

Whats your reason for being….and how does it relate to your customers?

Michael Gerber, the author of one of the first business books I ever read - The E-Myth (Why Most Small Businesses Dont Work and What to Do About It) - said that most businesses are started not by entrepreneurs but by technicians having an entrepreneurial seizure. This was absolutely true for me when I started [...]

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