Going the Extra Mile – a great example I had to share

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Going the Extra Mile – a great example I had to share

On my recent trip to India to deliver marketing, sales and pre-sales training in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, I had the pleasure to meet with a new SAP Business One partner.

As we got talking he shared the story of his business with me and it was so incredibly powerful, I wanted to cover it in a blog post because as you know, one of the things I encourage in the training is being able to articulate the story of your business – in fact in our section on Packaging Your Business to Build Trust we cover this specific topic.

Going the extra mile

Going the extra mile

Anyway, this partner was explaining to me how he had originally purchased SAP Business One to run the business that they were in….in manufacturing, but because of the incredible results that they had achieved by using SAP Business One he realised that there was a business opportunity to take what they had learned, set up a division of the company to focus on being an SAP partner and go out in to the market and offer SAP Business One to other companies in their market.

Which of course they have now done – imagine the power of this when they meet with potential new customers and simply by telling the story, they  immediately gain credibility – after all, they are a living breathing example of how a company can benefit from the solution.

But when it comes to going the extra mile, this particular partner really shines!

I just today received an email from him with the details of a company he met on a recent flight from China to India where he discovered that the gentleman he was sitting with was looking at a new ERP solution but wasnt really familiar with SAP Business One.


Over the space of a 10 hour flight he took the gentleman, the Chairman of a multinational company, through the solution and as a result they now want to meet with an SAP Partner in their home country to discuss deploying SAP Business One in multiple countries around the world.

And the partner did not start asking for commissions or spotters fee’s or anything like that – his focus was on helping the SAP Business One community grow…and for that..I salute and thank him.

It’s a great example of the power of community and the power of telling a story….

Whats your story, how do you show to your potential customers that you understand their business and have, to use the cliche, walked a mile in their shoes….its a great way to build trust in your engagement with your prospective customers.

If you have any similar stories to share please let me know….I would love to add your story to our SAP Partner Honour Roll!


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