Whats next with MYOB Advanced – get ready for Release 2017.1

The latest release of MYOB Advanced is coming
Whats new in Release 2017.1

There's a new MYOB Advanced Release on the horizon...learn more about it

There’s a new MYOB Advanced Release on the horizon…learn more about it

If you are a user of MYOB Advanced then there’s a good chance that last week you received an email from MYOB letting you know that theres a new release of MYOB Advanced coming in the March/April time frame.

As you are probably also aware, MYOB Advanced is based on Acumatica’s Cloud ERP solution so its useful to know that MYOB Advanced version 2017.1 is based on Acumatica Release 6 so as you are getting familiar with the new features its probably a good idea to make use of some of the Acumatica videos covering their Release 6 which you can find here – Acumatica Release 6 Overview and Videos

So with the link established now between the two solutions you’ll be pleased to know that the product enhancements in MYOB Advanced 2017.1  include the follow core areas:

Real-Time Insights

  • Management and configuration of dashboards and widgets
  • Complete data analysis from inside the application
  • Unlimited drilldown into screens, reports and generic inquiries

Productivity Enhancements

  • CRM add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • Opportunity creation simplified
  • Accounts Payable approvals
  • Account Receivable Parent-Child relationship

And for those of you that are interested in the underlying technology and utilise the API’s (Application Programming Interfaces)

Technology for the Future

  • Multi-lingual data fields
  • Contract-Based APIs upgrade
  • Extension of APIs with REST (representational state transfer

My favorite enhancements so far are the Microsoft Outlook Add-In for
MYOB Advanced CRM and the new Reports,Dashboards and KPI’s

Let take a quick look at these:

Microsoft Outlook Add-In for MYOB Advanced CRM

With the new Outlook Add-in, you can look up the sender in your MYOB Advanced database, from within Outlook, without having to leave the application at all. In fact, the add-in does it automatically. Now you can see any history that you’ve had with this particular sender. If the system can’t find your contact in MYOB Advanced, you can mark and create it as a lead, opportunity, or create them as a contact.

The add-in works with any data that’s part of your MYOB Advanced solution. You deal with customer contacts all the time. Imagine immediately knowing they’re already in your system, you simply click to create an opportunity, and the appropriate team can then follow up? With MYOB Advanced 2017.1 and the Outlook Add-in, you can do this all without even leaving your email inbox. Say goodbye to copy and paste and hello to Cloud ERP efficiency.

Reports, Dashboards and KPI’s

The new dashboards will remind you of something we’re all familiar with — arranging your apps on the home screen of your phone. The self-service dashboards are incredibly customizable by user, thanks to the responsive design mode that’s native inside the application.  This type of functionality is hard to find in any other ERP platform.

The intuitive dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) are just some of the new adaptable features. Individual users can put trending charts and tables, web pages, widgets, alerts, and a variety of other things — all with the parameters and format you need—on the central dashboard or personalise their own.

It’s all been streamlined to transform data into information. Plus, as with all of the MYOB Advanced applications, these features are fully mobile. You can access them on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Anytime, anywhere.

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