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Is your Cloud ERP solution locking you in with the threat of being locked out? The right application architecture solves that issue.

One of the big concerns that people have expressed around moving to a Cloud based ERP solution is the threat of having their data held to ransom by their vendor for what ever reason or at the bare minimum, not having the choice to move to an alternate deployment model. Just as a businesses strategy [...]

The Right Time for Business Planning: A Guest Post from Tim Berry

A Quick note from Richard Duffy: It is a real pleasure for me to have Tim Berry write this guest post for the site - Tim is one of the most respected subject matter experts on Business Planning and you can learn more about Tim and his background at I have been a fan [...]

Business Planning Basics – The benefit is in the building

One of the key things that I have noticed time after time and is also held true by most advocates of the planning process is that one of the primary benefits of having a business plan is not so much the actual document that is created during the process but it is the act of [...]

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Do you do Business Planning or Shoot from the Hip – The arguments for and against

One of the requirements of the SAP PartnerEdge program is the preparation and submission of a yearly business plan. Unfortunately, every year I see so many partners missing out on a great opportunity to stop and think about their plan and make it a contributor to their success. Instead, they wait until January or February [...]

By | October 1st, 2011|Best Practices, Business Planning, SAP Business One, SAP Partner|0 Comments

SAP Business One Channel Partner Podcast – Episode 3

As promised here are the related links for you to easily jump to the resources I mentioned in todays podcast which I have embedded below in case you missed it.

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Building a Business Plan – The process is more important than the outcome

Fail to plan and you'll plan to fail - just one of the various quotes you'll hear about business planning. In this series of posts, I'll talk about why the process of planning is more critical than the outcome (as important as that is) and give you a couple of key areas to focus on as you go through the planning process.

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