Why Cloud Based ERP’s Time Has (Finally) Come

Cloud ERP: An Adaptable & Flexible Option For Medium-Sized Businesses This infographic recently published by Acumatica tells an interesting story particularly in terms of buyers intentions and their views on deploying Enterprise Resource Planning applications in the Cloud. Click on the graphic to the right to download a copy in PDF format but [...]

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Spring Training is done – the players roster is set…now the Cloud ERP playing season starts

Its now Friday morning after Spring Training finished yesterday and all the Acumatica partners and team members have returned home after a busy 3 days of learning, networking and socialising. I had the opportunity to join Acumatica Sales Engineer Doug Johnson (henceforth known as "Desert Doug" Johnson* for his dry sense of humor) for his [...]

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The 4xP Platform and the importance of Partners in any successful ERP venture

It seems that everyone has an idea on what it takes to be successful these days with cloud, cloud technologies and ERP software. My area of expertise (after 25+ years) is working with small and midsize businesses, Enterprise Resource Planning software (or business management or accounting software, if you prefer) and working both as a [...]

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Performance Impacting Mistake No 1: Ummmm……its SQL Server so you need to plan accordingly

By far and away, the number 1 cause of performance relates back to most of the issues are caused by failing to specify and deploy the right hardware, the right way to meet SQL Server best practices. And heres a key point....the same thing applies to all SQL Server based OLTP (On-line Transaction Processing) systems [...]

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