Why Cloud Based ERP’s Time Has (Finally) Come

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Why Cloud Based ERP’s Time Has (Finally) Come

Cloud ERP: An Adaptable & Flexible Option For Medium-Sized Businesses

Cloud ERP: An Adaptable & Flexible
Option For Medium-Sized Businesses

This infographic recently published by Acumatica tells an interesting story particularly in terms of buyers intentions and their views on deploying Enterprise Resource Planning applications in the Cloud.

Click on the graphic to the right to download a copy in PDF format but heres a quick snapshot of users expectations for you.

  • 52% of medium businesses that were recently surveyed by Forrester Consulting indicated that they believed that deploying Cloud ERP would lower their overall costs.
  • 41% want Cloud ERP to open up their access to their business information.
  • 33% want Cloud ERP because it is browser based and provides easy access anywhere, anytime but they expect it to be browser independent.
  • 31% want to be able to use any device anywhere to access their ERP solution and its resident data.

All of these things and more are possible with Cloud ERP but evaluators and buyers need to tread carefully to avoid vendor lock-in and ensure that they get the best of both worlds – an ERP system that is truly cloud based but one that also meets the businesses needs today and tomorrow.

Easy to use and attractive user interfaces are also important as well as mobile integration but often cloud vendors sacrifice the rich functionality that many small and midsize customers want in favour of user interfaces that are “pretty” but eventually, the end users need for that rich functionality will win out.

The answer is an application that allows for a mix of both functionality and form – many ERP vendors still struggle to deliver this.

The best choice is an open solution that allows for deep customisation of UI (user interface) and business logic – those solutions exist today and for small and midsize enterprises in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – you can look at MYOB Advanced from Leverage Cloud Technologies.

MYOB Advanced is the product available in Australia built by MYOB with the core application architecture built on the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform.





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