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You talkin’ to me? – Marketing and web site design basics for SAP Business One partners

Over the past 9 years I have had the opportunity to work with many different SAP Business One partners around the world on their marketing strategy. For those of you that have attended my marketing workshops you'll no doubt remember that step 1 in building your marketing strategy is the focus on your ideal target [...]

Going the Extra Mile – a great example I had to share

On my recent trip to India to deliver marketing, sales and pre-sales training in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, I had the pleasure to meet with a new SAP Business One partner. As we got talking he shared the story of his business with me and it was so incredibly powerful, I wanted to cover it [...]

Certified – but some would say certifiable – with thanks to SAP partners all around the world!

This past week I reached a personal milestone but it would not have been possible with out the support of the many SAP Partners that have attended my SAP Partner Marketing Catalyst Workshops over the past 2+ years as well as John Jantsch (the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System), Joe Costantino and Cidnee [...]

Business Planning Basics – The benefit is in the building

One of the key things that I have noticed time after time and is also held true by most advocates of the planning process is that one of the primary benefits of having a business plan is not so much the actual document that is created during the process but it is the act of [...]

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Whats your reason for being….and how does it relate to your customers?

Michael Gerber, the author of one of the first business books I ever read - The E-Myth (Why Most Small Businesses Dont Work and What to Do About It) - said that most businesses are started not by entrepreneurs but by technicians having an entrepreneurial seizure. This was absolutely true for me when I started [...]

People buy from people – are yours hidden away?

Its an old adage that people buy from people - at the recent SAP Field Kick Of Meeting, Bill McDermott made the observation that SAP's people and the relationships they build with customers are a major factor in the resurgence of SAP's sales results, even ahead of the full recovery from the Global Financial Crisis. [...]